Monday, August 8, 2011

It Tis the First Week of School!!

Oh Sh**! 

I would be lying if I said, I wasn't ready for the peace and solitude of the days with just Penelope... but there is soooo much to be done! 

With the beginning of school, also came the beginning of football season last week.  I am delighted to say that Tabor did get drafted back onto the same team as last year!  I couldn't be any happier!!  We were able to keep a large portion of our team from last year and the new kids, in large part are really good!!  So excited!!  Tabor is in heaven!!  I just love watching the new kids.  We had a new player last year, so I can laugh this year.  Little people do not come used to getting pancaked to the ground.  Until they get used to it and see that the pads DO really take a lot of the impact, they cry.  Some more then others.  It is HI LARIOUS to watch the ones who are really babied by their parents.  This one poor boy cried for the entire 2 hours of the 2nd practice.  Sobbed.  His mother was about to lose her mind.  I think the rest of us scared her.  Our kids would hurt their leg or arm and we were all yelling from the side line, "YOU HAVE ANOTHER ONE!  GET BACK IN THERE!"  "IF YOU MUST CRY... DO IT WHILE RUNNING!"  She kept staring at us, obviously disturbed.  Towards the end of practice, her son was rolling around on the ground screaming that he had broken his back.  I thought she was going to die right there on the side line.  Having the coach go up behind him on the field, lift him to his feet, pat him on the butt and tell him because he was standing it was not broken and to get back in there... didn't help.  You truly can't pay to see comedy like that.  Great fun.  They will get there before long though.  All the kids do. (Our coaches are amazing.  They don't take injuries lightly... they know when it is just nerves and attention seeking) 

After practice on Saturday, We had to go back to school shopping.  DANGER!!  Tabor was easy.  He has to wear uniforms.  Uniforms ROCK!!  I log on to Lands End, type in the school number, put in my credit card information... and all clothing shows up on my door step a week later.  AWESOME!! 

Presley, on the other hand... that was more difficult.  We took her to Target to look at clothes.  "Uh... NO!"  (she says with hands on hips and eyes rolled back in her head.)  We tried Macy's.  Presley refused to even respond to the dresses I held up.  Dillards, "Thee are the saaaame!" 

Now, keep in mind that Presley is 3 and she goes to PLAYSCHOOL, they have a big blow up bouncy they play on each day and a playground and they do arts and crafts and watch movies.  They learn a little here and there... but this is about running, and jumping, and rolling around on the ground, and clothes do not last long in these kinds of situations.  Presley refuses shorts and pants.  We know this.  She is already the prissiest girl in any group.  We need to tone it down a little... and that didn't happen. 

Last night, I was searching around for Disney things for our trip and Presley saw a fully appliqued princess dress.  "THAT!  I WEAR THAT!!" 

Ruh roh.  I quickly searched for several plain princess dresses.  "Uh, I pincess... that not pincessceeeee!"
So, being the great and grand parents that we so obviously are... we loaded her school wardrobe with more fluff and tulle and frill then any person should ever look at.  She is going to look like Madonna in church.  We just laugh at her and shake our heads, I always said I wanted a priss.  Be careful what you ask for!!  God listens... and He is a funny funny God!! 

I am also ordering her a princess apron to protect the fluff during art.  Most people are probably rolling their eyes and questioning our sanity... but I would imagine her teacher would expect little less.  To know Presley... is to embrace the crazy. 

Not wanting to leave Penelope out... Sweet Penelope is not so sweet anymore.  We have embraced our terrible two's and found that screaming while lying on our back in the middle of the grocery store... is WAAAAAY more fun then simply riding along in the cart.  lol.  She is thinning but still a BIG baby and all this hot weather we have to sit out in for football practice just wears her out.  2 hours and my cute red head is a wet red mess.  She wants to see and be a part of everything and is not willing to stay still for a second.  I am only a few practices away from tying a cow bell around her neck.  Really.

Ahhh the joys of life with our children.  We LOVE every second of it!! 


  1. Where did the summer go? It is insane how fast it flew by. I am excited for Tabor's new season. Maybe this year I can come to a game. But not until this heat breaks! I am a delicate flower not made for tolerating extreme heat. I couldn't handle even an hour of those hellish practices you have to sit through. Hope Pres and T have good first day back at school!