Friday, September 16, 2011

Family Pictures by a Wonderful Lady!!!

Thank you so much to Denise Weaver Jones for doing our family pictures this year!!  She did an amazing job.  She was literally given NOTHING to work with and yet... I teared up looking at the proofs.  Sweet Denise, I hope next time will be easier on you.  Photographers are everywhere... but the special people that are willing to take the time and work with the attitudes (BAD) that are presented to them, are priceless.  Penelope woke up refusing to smile, unless she was sitting by Denise.  Presley was sweet, but when we gave Penelope a baggy of cheerios to keep her from screaming, Presley demanded the same.  Somehow, through the chewing, the crying, and just complete and total irritation that the girls gave us,we got pictures that were just wonderful!  They show my family for what it really is... imperfectly perfect. 

Minus Penelope's constipated face, I love this picture.  Penelope is just now coming to a point where she disagrees with things.  It makes me happy when she says, "No.  I don't think so.  Not in the mood."

My sweet boy was sticking her in the ribs to get her to smile.  He obviously has lived with his camera crazed mother and photographer grandparents too long.  He KNOWS... do whatever it takes to get people smiling!

My Most Beautiful Princess!!  Hmmm.  My heart is so full. 

Come on now, you would give her what she wants too... do you see her eyes?!
This is us.  1000%

Another picture I love.  This is so true to their personalities.  Tappy hanging out.  Presley irritated.  Tabor happy and willing to try anything. 

1 Devious pair!!  Evil together.  Don't let their sweetness fool you.

Tears.  They are so sweet.
Do we get how much I love this girl?!!

Do we see my eyes?!!

My Precious Baby!!

Can I get an "Awwwwwe!"  That is Rusty's girl and he is CRAZY about her!!

This one may actually be my favorite.  Sweet Tabor smiling, Tappy irritated and eating, and Presley clingling to me as she always does... and I love it all!


  1. Lots of great photos in that bunch! I especially like the one of you and the girls that is very closely framed and in color.
    Penelope's hair looks as if it's starting to get a little darker. And Presley makes these faces that look just like an adult. It's crazy. They aren't babies anymore. :(