Thursday, September 22, 2011

My Husband is Going to Vegas... Ah hum.

So my husband is going to Vegas for 3 days... and doing it in the name of A CONVENTION.  Oh yes.  He is.  A convention of lawyers... NO FEAR THERE?!!!   O.O   Errr???

He said, and I quote, "<--  See the quotation mark??  QUOTING HERE, These are 40 and 50 year old business men!  You have nothing to be worried about!"  


Are you still sitting upright?  Im not!

The ONLY difference in 20 year old men and 40 year old men is that they are power crazed and have money to spend!! 

I am not happy!  Let me repeat...  I AM NOT HAPPY!

Not one little ounce of me is smiling at this prospect.  I may actually hate this idea more then I hated the insuring me idea... though they do kind of go together when I think about it. 

TO THE WORLD:  I am renting a rabid pit bull while he is gone.  Knock me off at your own risk!! 

I see a week long hedo vacation with the girls in my future!    Sound wrong?  Uh, yes!  That would be the point!!

A business meeting in sin city while leaving me with the kids.  Nice. 

What's next??  Reclaiming one's virginity at a brothel??  I am SURE it has been done!!  Wink wink... smile... wink. 

I am hunting trouble to get into.  I am rusty (ha ha... rusty, get it?!!) at this.  Work with me!  (Lora?  Andria? Anyone?  Plaaaaaay with me!)