Monday, October 3, 2011

Foxie Knoxie is free! And a message to my children...

I am surprisingly relieved!  Slut?  Oh yeah.  Stupid?  Definitely.  Murderer?  I don't think so. 

It has greatly bothered me seeing her in jail years later for a crime that most Italians don't even think she committed.  Very scary... isn't it?!  Behave badly in another country and spend your life in jail?  Uh yeah! 

Kinda makes you thankful that we live in the United States where it takes actual, convincing, proven evidence to keep one behind bars.  Doesn't it?

How many of us did things in our college years that we probably shouldn't have??? (Mom & Dad... I am so talking about eating too much candy!  Really!!  I promise!!!)  It is hard to fathom a lifetime of imprisonment because brain cells may have absorbed a little too much tequila and TEMPORARILY malfunctioned while finding oneself in a very unfortunate situation. 

To my babies:  This, one day, should stand as a definite reminder.  When on foreign soil, our justice system does not apply to you.  Innocent until proven guilty is not the path every country chooses to go down!  One, probably, should learn the culture before traveling abroad.  (HINT HINT) Sometimes being drunken... and um.... over-friendly(??!)  is enough to keep you behind bars for the rest of your life.  A few stupid months and finding yourself in a terrible situation (like the death of a roommate?!!) could ruin the rest of your life.  In many countries a simple accusation and association can be enough to take years from you.  In other countries (say... of the middle eastern variety), it can be enough to take your head from you (bleah!).  Know where you are traveling!  Know what is appropriate in their culture!  Know that when you go to someone else's country that you have to show respect for their culture.  It isn't wrong because it is different... but you have to understand it to live in it.  (End of message)

This story scares me to death for them.  An American, upper middle class, college student decided to study abroad and have fun with her friends.  I am sure in a million years, she never thought what resulted was even possible.  I have 2 very adventurous children who I can see being the kind of kids that would want the freedom and the experience of studying abroad.  I can also see them to be the type that may or may not fully understand what they are walking into in order to do it.  Scary stuff.  Very scary stuff.  I lived in the Middle East for a number of years growing up, and have since, visited.  I love the culture.  I love the people.  AMAZING people.  You just have to know that the thought processes are different.  lol.  They are.  Not wrong... different.  Too many of us seem to think that OUR way is the best way and the only way that is acceptable.  It is here.  Once you leave Laguardia... be prepared. 

I have watched this one from beginning to end.  I can so see 1 of our children being Amanda (that child will remain nameless... until on the news herself).  It tears at your heart.  I am sure Amanda will be coming back a very different girl.  In fact it may have been good for her.  However, I would, as her parent... have absolutely lost my mind.  Her parents handled this remarkably well.  She likely owes her freedom to them.  I would not be capable of their composure. 

Why can't I just keep all 3 of them inside my home for the rest of my life??  Why do they have to go out into the world??  Anyone???

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